Aiken's Croquet Kids program focuses on teaching kids, who are 8-13 years of age, the fundamentals of this fun family game. Proper stance, how to hold the mallet and how to hit the ball correctly are just some of the skills to be taught.
The program is held at the Green Boundary Club on 
Whiskey Road.

There will be one clinic held during the summer.  The cost is $20 per child and each participant will be given a hat and shirt.  Croquet mallets and balls will be furnished at the clinic.

Each clinic lasts five days with instruction each morning (M-F).  Lunch will be provided on (T,W,Th) with special programs focused on nutrition, seat belt safety, avoiding tobacco/alcohol abuse, meeting Aiken Public Safety Officers and their canine support teams or other relevant topics.

Scholarships will be available, based on need, from the
Aiken Junior Sports Association.  Contact the AJSA for more information.
Aiken Junior Sports Association
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Croquet Clinic will not be held in 2017 due to facilities being unavailable.